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lane departure warning sigals

Study Reveals Effectiveness of Swerve-Deterring Safety Feature

By Taran Provost |

In the past several years, there has been a flood of new safety technologies available as either optional or standard safety features on new vehicles. When choosing a new car and deciding whether to purchase add-on features, you want to know whether a safety option is effective in keeping drivers safe. The Insurance Institute… Read More »

Two Tractor trailer trucks.jpg.crdownload

Inspections Find Many Tractor-Trailers Unsafe on the Road

By Taran Provost |

Tractor-trailers, semis, buses, and big rigs are the largest vehicles commonly found on the nation’s highways and roads. These vehicles can weigh as much as 20 times what a passenger vehicle would weigh, and as a result they can do exponentially greater damage when involved in an accident. In order to protect both the… Read More »

a little boy pushing crosswalk button

Study Examines Children’s Ability to Safely Cross the Street

By Taran Provost |

Parents often spend a great deal of time instructing their children on how to safely cross the street, especially in more rural areas where marked or signaled crosswalks may be in short supply. A new study shows that even children who understand the importance of looking both ways repeatedly and being patient in waiting… Read More »

The image of camera on dashboard of car

Could a Dash Cam Help Protect You and Your Property?

By Taran Provost |

Dashboard cameras, commonly known as “dash cams,” have quickly boomed in popularity, becoming widely available and affordable for the average driver. While you might think of these devices as being something only a member of law enforcement might have in their vehicle, there are many ways that footage from a dash cam can be… Read More »

Blue driving tips sign

Six Tips for a Safe Summer Road Trip

By Taran Provost |

The start of the summer is the beginning of road trip season across the US. Road trips can be an excellent way to take a low-pressure and fun trip with your family, but as with any extended road travel, road trips come with some risk of involvement in a car accident. If you’re planning… Read More »

buiness woman talking on phone while driving

Health Department Reports on Influence of Distractions on New York Car Accidents

By Taran Provost |

A recent report from the New York City Health Department discusses the driving behaviors of New York residents, including the prevalence of dangerous behaviors such as speeding and texting while driving. The report was published while lawmakers in Albany discuss making New York the first state to legalize use of the “textalyzer” by law… Read More »

X-ray of a bone fracture

Bone Fracture Injuries: What You Should Know

By Taran Provost |

Bone fractures can be extremely serious injuries. Broken bones can require that victims spend months wearing a cast or a protective boot or sleeve, as well as additional time and money to rehabilitate the broken limb. Read on to learn more about fractures received in accidents, and how a personal injury claim could help… Read More »

Young lady on the phone while driving

Recent Research Exposes Risky Driving Behavior among US Drivers

By Taran Provost |

Each year, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducts a survey of drivers across the US to discover their opinions on driving trends and traffic laws, as well as which unsafe driving habits they themselves practice. This year’s survey results were recently released. They show a troubling amount of self-reported dangerous driving behavior, especially… Read More »

Man with a concussion.jpg.crdownload

Concussions Often Caused by Falls and Accidents

By Taran Provost |

Head injuries are one of the largest contributors to the total number of accidental deaths every year. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) states that an average of 138 people die each day from a head injury and estimates that 30% of all accidental deaths involve a head injury. Traumatic… Read More »

A major head-on collison

Head-On Crash Injures Local Man

By Taran Provost |

A serious accident involving a large truck has resulted in injuries to three people, including a Poughkeepsie man. The accident is an example of the highly destructive potential of head-on accidents. Read on to learn more, and contact a skilled Poughkeepsie personal injury lawyer if you’ve been hurt in a head-on crash.   Accident… Read More »